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The photographs
I would like to acknowledge my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Tim Page for letting me use his images on this site. Mr. Page managed under extraordinary circumstances, to bring back some of the most compelling photographs of the era. Most of the photographs on this site and many more, can be seen in his book "NAM", published by Thames and Hudson Inc. (ISBN 0-500-27280-8).

Tim Page is a photographer, journalist, and author of Page after Page: Memoirs of a War-Torn Photographer; Tim Page's Nam; and the coeditor of Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Indochina and Vietnam, the 1997 winner of the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award, the International Center of Photography Infinity Award for Best Publication, and other awards. He resides in Kent, England

In 1965, Page began taking photographs of the border conflicts in Cambodia and Vietnam. Eventually, he became one of the most notorious combat photographers and renowned for the images he captured. In the movie epic "Apocalypse Now", the dope smoking, crazed photographer played by Dennis Hopper at the top of the river is said to be based on Page. Page's friend Michael Herr created the role and also wrote the well-known book "Dispatches", where Page is one of the main characters. Tim Page was wounded several times whilst working in Vietnam. Take a peek into the mind of Tim Page by reading "Memories of an acid-slaved war photographer".

To Vietnam veterans
If you are a veteran and would like to share your experience on this web site I would be more than honored to tell your story. All types of photographs are always a welcome resource. Again, if you have any photos you would like to share, please contact me.

About me
My name is Peter Leuhusen and have always had a fascination with the war in Vietnam.

I grew up watching the conflict on TV from the comfort of my parent's sofa in our safe and world's apart home in Sweden. As I child I would play with my cars, trucks and GI Joe´s in front of the TV set while Walter Cronkite would be blaring out the latest updates and casualty figures, tactics, interviews etc. etc to my parents. Way before today's laser guided, multiple angle, onboard missile cameras there was the Vietnam War. The first true television war.

My parents oblivious to the images being projected from the screen. The palm trees, rice paddies, machine guns, helicopters, soldiers and my GI Joe with the same gear but in miniature. It was my generation's video game. In 1968 which was the summer of love and the peak of the Vietnam War, I was a happy 6 year old boy lying on a shaggy carpet in front of the then revolutionary color television set and watching it live. That stuff made a lot of impressions on me, clenching my GI Joe and hoping to get the new jungle fatigues and his new "I will kill all of you" gun for Christmas. All mixed in with Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner and the Rolling Stones at Altamont. The protests, tear gas, body bags, and Richard Nixon's nose. No seat belts in the cars, parents smoking with the windows up and the first TV dinners.

I later went on to research and write numerous papers on the Vietnam War whilst studying at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and most of all making friends with a number of veterans and each one of their stories are truely unique and amazing.

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Please note that all images used on this site are strictly protected by copyright laws and are herein used with the permission of Mr. Tim Page, UPI, Bettman Archives and Corbis. If you wish to use any of the images on this site contact stock photography specialist; Corbis - www.corbis.com

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