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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment driver on a journey to take position at a Michelin rubber plantation in 1969, wears sunglasses to protect his eyes against the strong sun. The 11th frequently used the ACAV (Armored Cav Assault Vehicle ) as favored by Col. George S. Patton, the regimental commander between 1968 - 1969.

Armored vehicle driver

2 tours of duty veteran Jack Stoddard (one tour with the 11th) was kind to contribute the following information:

"I was to say the least, very proud to have served in the 11th ACR. Our ACAVs were special because they had a four man crew, one commander, a driver and two side gunners. That meant that there was one 50cal, and two M60s for fire power. Each gun also had it's own metal protective shield. they carried no other troops, but had plenty of ammo on board, as our motto stated, "Find The Bastards, Then Pile On!" The 11th would attack in full force with anywhere from 20 to 60 ACAVs, plus up to three companies of M48 Tanks."

CW2 Jack Stoddard USA Ret.